Low-prices Kokovita coconut oil: organic, deodorized and only available in glass

The cocunut pulp is pressed semi-industrially at high temperatures, allowing the sugars to caramelise. Next, the oil is separated from the caramel and coconut odour (deodorized). Most other organic coconut oils are then bleached and further refined. Kokovita coconut oil only passes through the odour elimination process. In terms of healthiness, each process leads to important nutrients being lost. That is why Kokovita coconut oil is healthier than most other deodorized coconut oils but is less healthy than extra virgin oil.

Kokovita coconut oil offers important benefits:

  • Kokovita coconut oil is 100% organic
  • Kokovita coconut oil is packed in glass because plastics migrate into oil. Glass is also better for the environment, your health and the taste
  • Kokovita coconut oil is odour-free, which is great if you do not like the taste of coconut
  • Kokovita coconut oil is not bleached and not refined

Who will buy Kokovita?

Those who find extra virgin coconut oil too expensive and who do not like its coconut taste. In every respect, a better alternative to other cooking

Kokovita, odour-free cocos oil

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Kokovita coconut oil you can buy in health food stores (click on where to buy) or via our official online shop amanvida.eu (click here)

Price incl. VAT:

325 ml: €6,95 - €7,95

1 liter: €14,50 - €16,50 

4,15 liter: €52,50 - €60,50